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1. A family group member/friend has been incarcerated. Can there be some accepted place i can find out about what they’re dealing with and just just what the principles are inside the Department of Correction?

Our house and Friends Handbook provides step-by-step information regarding the agency’s regulations along with the role that nearest and dearest can play in giving support to the offender.

2. Exactly exactly How facilities that are many in Connecticut?

The Department of Correction has 18 Correctional facilities, four of that are presently closed because of a 10 12 months lower in the offender populace. Twelve hold adult male offenders, one for teenage male offenders plus one for feminine offenders. In Connecticut both the jails which hold pre-trial offenders while the prisons which incarcerated sentenced offenders come underneath the Department of Correction. Stick to the connect to find out about each Facility.

3. Just how can victims of a criminal activity be notified when an inmate will be released?

The Connecticut Department of Correction has a Victim Services Unit. Contact Victim Services product to find out more.

4. I be notified if something affecting public safety were to happen if I live near a correctional facility, how will?

As an element of a brand new, statewide, crisis notification system, residents whom are now living in the region of a correctional center. Details about jail problems along with other things of community concern shall be supplied for your requirements via this method.

5. Exactly just What profession possibilities can be obtained inside the Department of Correction?

The Department of Correction is staffed by a number of experts including modification officers, clergy, maintenance, clerical, and counselors to mention just a couple of. To explore job choices in the Department of Correction.

The Department provides significant opportunities for resident participation to supplement programs and solutions through volunteers. Typically, volunteers supplement Addiction Services, fundamental Education Services and Chaplaincy Services. Any volunteer applicant shall be considered based on maturity, reliability interest and background that is overall. Any applicant who seeks to give expert solutions shall offer qualifications and/or official certification by an organization that is appropriate university or college. an ex-offender or current shall be precluded from routine involvement as being a volunteer. Nonetheless, an ongoing or ex-offender may request permission to take part in composing through the Director of Volunteer Services. If you should be enthusiastic about learning to be a volunteer inside the Department of Correction you may possibly contact the Administrator associated with Volunteer Services Unit, Counselor Supervisor Calma Frett To get more information see Administrative Directive 10.4 Volunteer and Recreation Services. and Volunteer and Recreation Services Page

7. Just exactly How numerous inmates are on death line in Connecticut?

Connecticut won’t have a death line. On 13, 2015, the Connecticut Supreme Court (4-3) held that the state’s administration of the death penalty violated its state constitution, especially in light of the state legislature’s prospective repeal of the death penalty in 2012 august. The ruling implied that the death sentences regarding the 11 death row prisoners who have been perhaps maybe not included in the repeal that is legislative be paid down to life without risk of launch.

8. Just exactly What type of execution does Connecticut have actually?

Connecticut has abolished capital punishment. On 13, 2015, the Connecticut Supreme Court (4-3) held that the state’s administration of the death penalty violated its state constitution, especially in light of the state legislature’s prospective repeal of the death penalty in 2012 august. The ruling implied that the death sentences associated with 11 death line prisoners have been perhaps not included in the repeal that is legislative be paid off to life without chance of launch.

9. Could I write to somebody who is incarcerated?

Yes. All communication must range from the inmate’s complete name and their inmate quantity besides the target associated with the center where they truly are incarcerated. There will be no limitation put on the sheer number of letters an inmate may compose or get at individual cost, except being a disciplinary penalty, in accordance with Administrative Directive 9.5, Code of Penal Discipline.

It is required that cushioned mailing envelopes not be found in corresponding with inmates because they might provide a protection problem. Making use of such envelopes can lead to slow distribution of mail.


Those doing communication with offenders are encouraged to work out care pertaining to the production of any private information that could compromise their security.

Pen Pal Web Site Warning!

Discretion is recommended whenever using inmate information from alternate sources such as pen pal internet sites, which may be misleading or deliberately inaccurate. The Department doesn’t get a grip on the content of data published on inmate pen pal sites, nor are inmates permitted Internet access. On an instance by situation foundation, and where possible, the Department does review the responses delivered to inmates from pen web that is pal to ascertain if they’re in line with the security and safety associated with correctional center together with rehabilitative interests associated with offender.

An inmate might compose to anybody except:

  1. a target of any offense that is criminal that your inmate has offered or perhaps is serving a phrase, or appears convicted of, or disposition is pending;
  2. anybody beneath the chronilogical age of 18 if the person’s moms and dad or guardian objects on paper to correspondence that is such
  3. an inmate an additional correctional center, aside from immediate family;
  4. a parolee or inmate on community confinement with no express authorization for the Unit Administrator together with addressee’s supervisor;
  5. anybody whom the inmate is restrained from composing to by court purchase; or
  6. every other individual, whenever prohibiting such communication is generally required to further the significant passions of safety, purchase or rehabilitation. (See additionally Administrative Directive 10.7 Inmate correspondence).

10. Can a telephone is placed by me call to somebody who is incarcerated?

No, inmates would not have use of telephone that is incoming, nonetheless, phones can be obtained to inmates to put outgoing accumulate telephone calls or phone telephone calls which are billed through the Securus choice. Each inmate completes a list that is calling contains up to ten telephone numbers they might necessitate social contact.

Bank card calls, billing to a party that is third call forwarding, transfers or just about any other technique which circumvents collect call billing will probably be forbidden. (See additionally Administrative Directive 10.7 Communication that is inmate).