Guidelines of the video game of Live roulette

The imprisoned combinations are discovered in the video game of French Roulette This expression „improgionate combinations” is used when during the game the ball arrive on the green absolutely no square. What takes place?

The dealer withdraws all bets made on multiple mixes (minus those that consist of absolutely no) and does not roll back those made on simple combinations.

They are locked up, ie the dealership places them on a line drawn particularly in the field itself.

If the next hit is a winner the bet is launched but not paid and if the hit is a loser, it is withdrawn instead. This is equivalent to losing half of the stake and, in truth, the player can share it with the dealer and not to leave it in prison.

We can securely state that absolutely no ends up being a game tax.

Comparing the various portions that comprise the fees paid by gamers for these games linked here, with what you pay at live roulette, it follows that the latter is quite triumphant from the comparison, it can be deduced that live roulette is the most sincere game amongst those provided by gambling houses.

The several combinations of Live roulette.

List of several mixes in the French Live roulette game and their stake in the occasion of a win:

FULL NUMBERS: the bet needs to be placed in the center of the square consisting of the number, the dealership pays 35 times the stake.

HORSES: the bet must be put at the crossway of the lines that divide the 4 selected numbers, the benco pays 8 times the stake.

SQUARES OR CARRE ’: the bet should be positioned at the intersection of the lines that divide the 4 chosen numbers, the dealership pays 17 times the bet.

TERZINE OR FULL CROSS: the bet needs to be put on the external line in correspondence with the three picked numbers, the dealer pays 11 times the stake.

DOUBLE SEVEN OR TRANSVERSAL: the bet must be placed on the external line in correspondence with the 6 numbers picked, the dealership pays 5 times the bet.

LOTS: at the bottom of the table there are 6 boxes, 3 on the right and three left wing, in which are written: 12p (12 première from 1 to 12) 12m (12 scene from 13 to 24) and 12d (12 dernière from 25 al 36), the bet must be positioned in the center of the box corresponding to the picked lots, the dealership pays two times the stake.

COLUMNS: they are three put at the bottom of the table, they consist of the twelve vertical numbers, the first column from 1 to 34, the second from 2 to 25, and the third from 3 to 36, are paid by the bank two times the stake.